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About animated GIFs

What can be said about animated GIFs that hasn’t been said, or can’t be said better with a GIF? Not much!!

Indeed, animated GIFs are one of the oldest visual formats for modern computers, yet they remain one of the most persistently popular formats. The ability to capture animation via frames and play them back within one single file is a unique feat that is simply unmatched by other visual file formats.

In addition, the animated GIF now carries a strong sense of nostalgia for Internet 1.0, so it has become that much more popular. With the launch of platforms like GIPHY, one might even argue that we’re in the midst of a GIF renaissance.

Good uses for animated GIFs

  • Texts and DMs
    When it comes to personal communication, nothing beats the excitement and fun of a well chosen GIF. This mostly comes down to expectation. While emoji and text-based communication have a limited number of visual presentations, a GIF opens up unlimited possibilities.
  • Surprise
    To be sure, the sense of surprise that comes with beholding an unexpected GIF simply can’t be replicated by other means. And in our current age that is riddled with sad news, pandemics and the like — surprise is a very important element in life. If you love someone, you will surprise them.
  • Slack & Work
    Increasingly, it’s considered OK to use GIFs to communicate at work. Using these original GIFs is a good way to communicate, “hey colleague, I am plugged in to the spirit of the times. Watch me fly!”


Other Uses

  • Gaming
    Many gaming forums and platforms such as Discord heavily rely on GIFs for communication. In these communities, short words and GIFs are often preferred to longer sentences. In fact, longer texts can actually get in the way of gameplay. Thus, it’s recommended to use GIFs in these cases.
  • Collections
    Indeed, more and more collectors of digital assets are turning to the GIF as a premium animation format. NFTs, digital collectibles and other forms digital art all selling for more and more money. While none of these GIFs are yet for sale as NFTs, can inspire many forms of artwork. Moreover, these items may one day be on sale, so keep your eye on this space.

Spinning Animates GIFs

Say it with a GIF

If you’ve ever tried to say something with words, try a GIF instead.