CSS Text Glow Generator

A simple and clean CSS text glow generator.

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text-shadow: rgba(255, 162, 0, 0.9) 0px 0px 37px;
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Info about text glows:

To begin with, the text glow actually uses the CSS text shadow property to achieve the glow effect.

It’s probably most closely associated with the postmodern and grunge aesthetics that dominated visual culture in the 80s and 90s. These periods were about breaking the rules, using new digital tools in bold ways, and sometimes being ugly.

Indeed, Internet Aesthetics underwent a similar arc. Beginning with modest roots, followed by a legitimizing phase of adapted modernism, and culminating in experimentation.

Can you help push visual culture forward? Moreover, are you willing to try? Use this CSS text glow generator and find out!

Good uses for CSS Text Glows

  • Experimentation
    Indeed, adding a glow to a block of text does not ‘look good’ in the traditional sense. Thus, you’re here either because you have bad taste, or because you’re interested in experimental type and visual design. That’s fantastic!
  • Text legibility on image
    Generally, setting type on a photo, graphic, or interface can create problems with legibility. Accordingly, a tasteful use of a text-shadow can be a good way to increase contrast. However, use with caution.
  • Animation
    Lastly, like any CSS property, text shadows can be animated. Using color, shadow, and offset distance can all drive compelling and rich CSS animations.