Text Tools

Have Fun, Use a Text Tool

Text tools such as word counters, translators, and invisible ink are not only fun, but they’re damn useful. Writing is a human activity that dates back thousands of years, but as we all know, *good* writing like John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief only came to fruition after modern electronic word counters were invented.

Character Counter →

A character counter is a miraculous tool that counts the number of individual characters within a provided text passage, no matter how long the length. This text tool is generously provided free of charge and is nearly guaranteed to count the number of characters. We also plan on making changes to this tool in the future that will make it even better.

Word Counter →

The CSS Bud word counter is arguably the best word counter on the Internet. Not only does it accurately count the words within a text passage, it handsomely displays the sum in large, attractive letters that is much easier on the eyes than the other, busted-looking sites out there. This may be the best text tool we’ve ever created.

In reality, these tools are just meant to help you work better. They may not be perfect, but we think they’re better than nothing. Give it a try!

Count Dracula

🧮 To count something with a text tool is to show you care. 🧘

No text tools for Count Dracula

Did you know that the original Count Dracula didn’t have any modern tools like word counters or spell checking? Everything he had was analog, meaning completed without using digital means. In fact, this includes literally everything Count does, which encompasses the many devourings is known for.