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About the Thank You GIF

Once upon a time, we used resources like Hallmark for mailing thank you messages. While physical mail is still a premium medium for sending your Thank You’s, the Thank You GIF is a fantastic choice for almost any occasion.

First, animated GIFs carry animation that can really help a thank you note shine. Secondly, GIFs are shareable on almost every platform in the world – so it’s a universally acceptable format.

And lastly, in many western societies we are comfortable asking for things, but not giving things or saying thanks. Saying thank you is an easy way to interrupt our cycles of consumption. So, thank you so much for coming today.

👁 To tell someone, “thank you” is to show you care about your place in the world. 👄

Good uses for thank you GIFs:

  • Expressing genuine thanks
    Most people using these GIFs are doing so because they want to express an authentic message of gratitude. Have you experienced something authentic lately that deserves thanks? If so, consider a GIF!
  • Expressing a silly thanks
    Oftentimes, expressions of thanks are actually part of a joke or comedic banter. In this case, the thanks acts as more of an artifact that a particular discourse in motion, rather than falling into silence or stalling out.
  • Being passive aggressive
    Sometimes, the most appropriate way to tell someone they’re doing a bad job is by layering on extreme sarcasm. For these occasions, a “thanks” GIF can become a very effective tool for applying said passive aggression.